The Orb of the Spider

Adventure #3
Both Gms

The heroes were sent to escort a caravan from Renfall to a small town in the North named Stonewait. On their travels the caravan was attacked by a group of goblins and an ogre the party killed all the beasts but, lost the wagon into a river. After the incident the party was trying to fish some goods out of the river when a group of drow marched up unseen and asked for the orb. Kormos handed it to them. Karkain Jack and Malaris attempted to track the drow down while the others went to report the caravans loss.

Adventure #2
Gm #2

The party was hired by some farmers that were being attacked by rebel water elementals. The party tracked them to a group of caves. After entering the caves water flooded the caverns… the heroes had to abandon their quest.

Adventure #1
GM #1

The party was hired to obtain a wedding ring from a mans ex-wife. The ring was taken form the women by a raiding party of goblins. The heroes hunted the goblins down and retrieved the ring. One of the goblins was carrying half of an orb, Kormos took it. On the way out of the caves the party was attacked by a drow that tried to take the orb.

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